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The Rock Inscriptions Project (Sinai Peninsula)

[First posted in AWOL 25 March 2013, updated 26 November 2015]

The Rock Inscriptions Project
The Rock Inscriptions Project

This site presents the data gathered by the Rock Inscription and Graffiti Project at the Institute of Asian and African Studies.
These photographs were assembled before the reversion of the Sinai Peninsula to Egyptian sovereignty in 1982. The collection is designed to make available images of inscriptions, rock drawings, Beduin markings and other epigraphs and to organize them including descriptions, coordinates, and locations. In order to facilitate research into the human traffic in the Wilderness of Sinai, inscriptions in major published corpora have been included, as will be evident.
To the material from Sinai, we have added epigraphs from the Christian Holy Places and also from the Negev desert.
The collection does not claim to be exhaustive in any way.
The images belong to the Rock Inscriptions and Graffiti project and high resolution images for study and eventual publication will be made available to scholars on request sent to:
Three volumes of a catalogue have been published:
Michael E. Stone, The Rock Inscriptions and Graffiti Project: Catalogue of Inscriptions. 3 volumes. SBLRBS 28, 29, 31. Atlanta: Scholars Press, 1992–94.
The Armenian and Georgian inscriptions have been published:
Michael E. Stone, The Armenian Inscriptions from the Sinai with Appendixes on the Georgian and Latin Inscriptions by M. van Esbroeck and W. Adler. Harvard Armenian Texts and Studies 6. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1982.
The Ethiopic Inscription has been published:
Emile Puech, 'Une Inscription Ethiopienne ancienne au Sinai (Wadi Hajjaj)', Revue Biblque, 87 (1980) 597-600.
A journal of the Expeditions to the Sinai is currently being edited: Michael E. Stone, A Sinai Diary (forthcoming).
You may view the individual inscription records in one of the following methods:

Lexicon of Greek Personal Names Online

[First posted in AWOL 17 July 2013, updated 26 November 2015]

Lexicon of Greek Personal Names LGPN
The Lexicon of Greek Personal Names (LGPN) was established to collect and publish all ancient Greek personal names,
drawing on the full range of written sources from the 8th century B.C. down to the late Roman Empire.
  • The project: the origin and purpose of LGPN.
  • Publications: details of published volumes including name lists and statistics; forthcoming volumes, associated works.
  • LGPN online:
    • Online facilities: Name Search over 35,000 published names; indexes and bibliographies of LGPN I-VA;  LGPN IIA: addenda, corrigenda, name indexes and statistics from revised LGPN II (version April 2007).
    • LGPN Database Search: conversion project using TEI-compliant XML.
    • LGPN Website Search
  • Ancient Greek names: an introduction, including their formation and development, and our sources for them. We also have a little information about modern Greek names.
  • Greek Names in English: routes taken from originally Greek names to the modern English
  • LGPN-Ling (Linguistic Analysis of Greek Personal Names) NEW
  • Announcements: latest publication, new additions to the site, developments, news and events.
  • Contact details: staff and the Advisory Committee.
LGPN Online  
Greek names  

Classics at Oxford  
University of Oxford  
British Academy 

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Petra, the Rose-Red City: Google Sreetview Tour

Petra, the Rose-Red City
Over 2,000 years ago, the Nabataeans created Petra—the city of stone. Journey with us behind the iconic facade from the movies, and discover one of the great wonders of the world, forgotten by time itself.

Explore Petra with Streetview

Many people think that Petra begins and ends with Al Khaznah - The Treasury - but as you will learn there is so much more to explore within this ancient city. Stay and walk around here for a while or click below to start exploring Petra in its entirety.

Newly online IFAO Databases

The French Institute of Archaeology is proud to announce that the following databases are now available online :

Open Access Journal: Crisia

[First posted in AWOL 24 November 2011, updated 25 November 2015]

ISSN: 1016–2798

“Crisia” is a publication of the Ţării Crişurilor Museum in Oradea and it was founded by Prof. Dr. Sever Dumitraşcu. The annual of Oradea experienced three distinct phases in its development: 1971-1983, 1984-1989 and after 1990. In the first period “Crisia” was exclusively a publication of the department of history team of the museum of Oradea. During the period of 1984 - 1989, by abolishing the other magazines of the institution, “Biharea” and “Nimphaea”, “Crisia” remained the only annual of this. After 1990 things returned to normal, “Crisia” becomes a prestigious publication, of wide intellectual breathing, open to the collaborators from country and abroad, the last numbers capture this reality abundantly.

The stated goal of the magazine is that of publishing the results of the history and archeology researches, by studies and materials relating primarily to Bihor County but, also to other areas. By valorizing some unpublished and interesting information, it has greatly contributed to the development of the Transylvanian historiography. The materials present in the magazine have a balanced epoch layout. In time, during the 40 years of existence, “Crisia” noted itself firstly by constant. Few publications of this type had annual appearances as systematic as the annual of Oradea. This proves once again the seriousness and readiness to researching of the historians’ team of the department of history of the museum of Oradea.

The Archive of the Crisia magazine

From the following link you can download the abstracts of the articles included in the editions of the last four years of the journal: Abstracts 2008-2011

Crisia 2014, XLIV

Coperta revistei Crisia, 2014This number of the magazine containes articles from the following authors: Gruia Traian FAZECAŞ, Doru Mircea MARTA, Călin GHEMIŞ, Tudor RUS, Robert KOVACS, Ioan CRIŞAN, Răzvan Mihai NEAGU, Gizella NEMETH, Adriano PAPO, BUDAHÁZY István, Alexandru POP, Ioan CIORBA, Klementina ARDELEAN, Augustin MUREŞAN, Blaga MIHOC, Cristian CONSTANTIN, Doina-Gabriela ANANIE, Gabriel MOISA, Sorin FARCAŞ.
detailed view

Crisia 2013, XLIII

Coperta revistei Crisia, 2013This number of the magazine containes articles from the following authors: Ioan F. Pop, Corina TOMA, Răzvan Mihai NEAGU, Mihai GEORGIŢĂ, Ioan CRIŞAN, Gizella NEMETH, Adriano PAPO, Alexandru POP, Augustin MUREŞAN, Carmen GÎRDAN, M. Marcella FERRACCIOLI, Gianfranco GIRAUDO, Blaga MIHOC, Eugen Radu SAVA, Doina-Gabriela ANANIE, Gabriel MOISA, Marin POP, Camelia BURGHELE.
detailed view

Crisia 2012, XLII

Coperta revistei Crisia, 2012This number of the magazine containes articles from the following authors: George Tomegea, Ioan F. Pop, Ioan Crişan, Gizella Nemeth, Adriano Papo, Călin Ghemiş, Constantin Iosif Zgardan, Ciprian-Doru Rigman, Szabó József, Florina Ciure, Lucia Cornea, Cipriana Sucilă-Pahoni, M. Marcella Ferraccioli, Gianfranco Giraudo, Cornelia Romînaşu, Mihai Georgiţă, Doina-Gabriela Ananie, Ion Zainea, Cristina Puşcaş, Adriana Ruge, Daciana Erzse, Gabriel Moisa, Camelia Burghele, Florin Sfrengeu.
detailed view

Crisia 2011, XLI

Coperta revistei Crisia, 2011This number of the magazine containes articles from the following authors: Florin Gogâltan, Cristian Ioan Popa, Călin GHEMIŞ, Jean CLOTTES, Bernard GELY, Francoise PRUD’HOMME, Sanda BĂCUEŢ-CRIŞAN, Ioan F. POP, Florin SFRENGEU, Ioan CRIŞAN, Dan BĂCUEŢ-CRIŞAN, Doru Marta, Călin Ghemiş, Adriano PAPO, Mihai GEORGIŢĂ, Florina CIURE, Edith Bodo, Ioan GOMAN, Gianfranco GIRAUDO, Gabriela ANANIE, Elena Csobai, Emilia Martin, Cornelia ROMÂNAŞU, Radu ROMÂNAŞU, Corina MOISA, Gabriel MOISA, Lucia CORNEA, Mihaela GOMAN, Antonio FAUR, Ovidiu PASCU, Ion ZAINEA.
detailed view

Crisia 2010, XL

Coperta revistei Crisia, 2010This number of the magazine containes articles from the following authors: Ioan Godea, Tereza Mozes, Gabriel Moisa, Aurel Chiriac, Cosmin Chiriac, Gruia Fazecaş, Barbu Ştefănescu, Ioan Crişan, Doru Marta, Sorin Bulzan.
detailed view

Crisia 2010, XL

Coperta revistei Crisia, 2010This number of the magazine containes articles from the following authors: Gruia FAZECAŞ, Carol KACSÓ, Sorin BULZAN, Doru MARTA, Ioan CRIŞAN, Corina TOMA, Alexandru SIMON, Marcella FERRACCIOLI, Gianfranco GIRAUDO, Gizella NEMETH, Adriano PAPO, Florin ARDELEAN, Florian DUDAŞ, Florina CIURE, Mihai GEORGIŢĂ, Cristian APATI, Ioan CIORBA, Petru ARDELEAN, Radu MILIAN, Marius-Răzvan MESZAR, Gabriel MOISA, Cornelia ROMÎNAŞU, Radu ROMÎNAŞU, Adriana RUGE, Lucia CORNEA, Ioan F. POP, Iudita CĂLUŞER, Olimpia MUREŞAN, Nicolae NISTOROIU.
detailed view

Crisia 2009, XXXIX

Coperta revistei Crisia, 2009This number of the magazine containes articles from the following authors: Cristian I. POPA, Viorel ŞTEFU, Victor Sava, Gruia FAZECAŞ, Carol Kacsó, Marius Ardeleanu, Ioan CRIŞAN, Doru MARTA, EMÕDI János, Corina TOMA, LAKATOS Attila, Alexandru SIMON, Mihai GEORGIŢĂ, Adriano PAPO, Gizella NEMETH, Florina Ciure, Gianfranco GIRAUDO, Blaga MIHOC, Florian KÜHRER, Mihai D. DRECIN, Gabriel MOISA, Constantin MĂLINAŞ, Iudita CĂLUŞER, Lucia CORNEA, Artur LAKATOS, Corneliu CRĂCIUN.
detailed view

Crisia 2008, XXXVIII

Coperta revistei Crisia, 2008This number of the magazine containes articles from the following authors: Ioan Crişan, Gruia Fazecaş, Sorin BULZAN, LAKATOS-BALLA Attila, Doru MARTA, Iulian-Mihai DAMIAN, Gabriel-Virgil RUSU, Adrian MAGINA, Cristian APATI, Mihai GEORGIŢĂ, Lucia CORNEA, Constantin MĂLINAŞ, Gabriel MOISA, Corneliu CRĂCIUN, Lucian JORA, EMÕDI János.
detailed view

Crisia 2007, XXXVII

Coperta revistei Crisia, 2007This number of the magazine containes articles from the following authors: Călin GHEMIŞ, Emilian Teleagă - mit einem Beitrag von Nicolae Miriţoiu, Sever DUMITRAŞCU, Corina TOMA, Sorin BULZAN, Alexandru CIORBA, Ioan CRIŞAN, Daniela-Monica MITEA, Alexandru SIMON, Florina CIURE, Petru ARDELEAN, Corneliu CRĂCIUN, Constantin MĂLINAŞ, Gabriel MOISA, Lucia CORNEA, Blaga MIHOC.
detailed view

Crisia 2006, XXXVI

Coperta revistei Crisia, 2006This number of the magazine containes articles from the following authors: Doina IGNAT, Ioan CRIŞAN, Călin GHEMIŞ, Corina TOMA, Sorin Bulzan, Florina CIURE, Mihai GEORGIŢĂ, Liviu BORCEA, Ioan CIORBA, Radu MILIAN, Corneliu CRĂCIUN, Andreea JUDE, Alexandru POP, Constantin Mălinaş, Lucia CORNEA, Gabriel Moisa, Augustin Ţărău.
detailed view

Open Access Journal: Acta Palaeobotanica

[First posted in AWOL 20 December 2012, updated 25th November 2015]

Acta Palaeobotanica
ISSN: 2082-0259 (electronic version)
ISSN: 0001-6594 (printed version)
Acta Palaeobotanica is an international journal publishing high quality contributions to palaeobotany and palynology. It is the only journal in Central and Eastern Europe focused on all fields of palaeobotanical and palynological investigations and publishes original palaeobotanical, palaeoecological, palaeophytogeographical, palynological, and archaeobotanical papers in addition to monographs, comprehensive review and discussion articles and book reviews. The journal is open to contributors from all over the world. 

It is published regularly with one volume per year each comprising two numbered parts, printed in June (No. 1) and in December (No. 2). The language of the journal is English. All manuscripts to be published in the journal are peer reviewed by at least two referees, and after acceptance of corrected manuscripts printing time is only approximately 6 months. 

Acta Palaeobotanica is now an open access journal and currently abstracts and full text of the articles in the PDF format beginning from volume 1 (1960) are freely accessible onwards here.

The internet service also provides catalogues for volumes and supplements published since 1960 and includes information on ordering forms of printed copies.
Contents & Abstracts > full text - pdf [Year (Volume): No.]
1960(1): 1, 2 1961(2): 1, 2, 3 1962(3): 1, 2 1963(4): 1, 2
1964(5): 1, 2 1965(6): 1, 2 1966(7): 1, 2 1967(8): 1, 2, 3
1968(9): 1 1969(10): 1, 2 1970(11): 1, 2 1971(12): 1, 2
1972(13): 1, 2 1973(14): 1, 2, 3 1974(15): 1, 2 1975(16): 1, 2
1976(17): 1, 2 1977(18): 1, 2 1978(19): 1, 2 1979(20): 1, 2
1980-81 (21): 1, 2 1982(22): 1, 2 1983-84(23): 1, 2 1984(24): 1-2
1985(25): 1-2 1986(26): 1-2 1987(27): 1, 2 1988(28): 1-2
1989(29): 1, 2 1990(30): 1, 2 1991(31): 1-2 1992(32): 1
1993(33): 1, 2 1994(34): 1, 2 1995(35): 1, 2 1996(36): 1, 2
1997(37): 1, 2 1998(38): 1, 2 1999(39): 1, 2 2000(40): 1, 2
2001(41): 1, 2 2002(42): 1, 2 2003(43): 1, 2 2004(44): 1, 2
2005(45): 1, 2 2006(46): 1, 2 2007(47): 1, 2 2008(48): 1, 2
2009(49): 1, 2 2010(50): 1, 2 2011(51): 1, 2
2012(52): 1, 2
2013(53): 1, 2 2014(54): 1, 2 2015(55): 1
Supplements: Contents & Abstracts  [No. (Year)]
S. 1 (1994) S. 2 (1999) S. 3 (2003) S. 4 (2003)
S. 5 (2004)S. 6 (2005)
See the full List of Open Access Journals in Ancient Studies