Thursday, June 7, 2012

Open Access Journal: Sudan notes and records

[First posted in AWOL 20 October 2009. Updated 3 April 2012]

Sudan notes and records [From the University of Michigan Digital General Collection]
Sudan notes and records [From the University of Khartoum E - Journals]
Holdings details below are from Khartoum:

Vol. 49 1968


  1. great job, posting this valuable journal on the web. Thanks!
    Suggestions: 1. if the table on this page;idno=ACT4675 could also include volume number and year.
    and 2. perhaps if table of contents of all the volumes could be displayed as a separate page so it would be easier to search.

  2. That certainly would be nice, but that isn't the way U Michigan's Digital General Collections seems to do it... alas...

  3. There is slight mistake, which is Vol.5 repeated as Vol.6. Furthermore,what a bout the Volumes which are not posted,is it because the powers that be, wants to hide some facts, or the publishing house was paid by those who exercised organized slave trade in Sudan and therefore fear to be known, the public needs to know

  4. Dear Anonymous,

    Volume 6 is fixed. I have no insight on why the missing years are missing from this digital collection except to note that those are the years of WWII - a time when communication broke down. I assume the simply don't have copies.

    In any case there are paper copies in many libraries in Europe and North America, and probably elsewhere, so you are free to check them for yourself.

    For my account, I appreciate the generosity of the University of Khartoum E-Journals initiative ( The make them available without charge when they could just as easily have reprinted them at a very high price, or locked them in an expensive aggregation.